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Lawn & Weed Wirral were called by Mr & Mrs Roberts to advise on how to create a lawn that they could be proud of and after various discussions on site we had to come up with a solution to control holding water and an invasive weed problem.We drew up a plan of action which included 26 tonnes of materials plus a ground stabilisation membrane with a screed process to give a level finish.

My front and back lawns really felt beyond repair, full of weeds, patchy with the grass turning yellow. I had used other companies in the past with little success.
I saw Lawn & Weed work on one of my neighbour's lawns with amazing effect and decided to ask for Nigel's help.
Nigel's advice was realistic, professional and so informed. He advised me that it would take over a year to achieve success - how wrong he was!  My grass was TOTALLY TRANSFORMED in a matter of months. I was beyond delighted and have had so many people comment on the results - even strangers passing by!
I cannot recommend the service highly enough - I have had a summer of gorgeous grass and know with Nigel's' continued help it will only get better!

“We contacted Lawn and Weed Wirral, earlier this year, as our garden was full of moss and weeds – Nigel has provided a great service so far, in terms of scarifying, aerating and re-seeding/treated the lawn and in only a few short months, the result is already great – the lawns look much fresher/greener and free of moss and I am sure that over time, they will improve even more.  Nigel is very easy to deal with and provides a great service in this respect”


6 Months after scarification aeration over seeding then applied a dressing  18 September 2015








Having spent a fortune in time and money trying to get a healthy weed free lawn, buying everything on the market and being disappointed, I turned to Nigel at Lawn & Weed Wirral.  With one application I have the lawn I have always dreamed of and I am now enjoying my garden as never before.  I will never again buy any lawn care products from the garden centre, they are a waste of money.  I will only ever use Nigel.  He is friendly and professional and does exactly what he says on the tin!!  Thanks Nigel for being a phone call away.

We contacted Lawn and Weed to take care of a relatively major Japanese Knotweed infestation in our garden. We found their representative Nigel to be courteous, helpful and pro-active. All at a reasonable price too. The infestation is now completely eradicated.
All-in-all a job well done.
Paul, Birkenhead
The treatment is 1 year into the plan, this weed will return unless a comprehensive Herbicide Application Plan is put into place. The final photo is after the dead material has been brushcut down and burned on site saving disposal as hazardous waste.
Nigel Carr.


 Prenton Bowling Club were impressed by the professional service given
by Lawn and Weed . The quotation given for autumn treatment to our
green was clear and detailed . The work was carried out promptly and
efficiently and we were pleased with the outcome.We plan to employ Lawn
and Weed again. Mike Peck :Treasurer PBC


Picture one - Scarification.    2 passes at 90 degrees to each other


Picture two - Aeration.    We did not count them but we estimate well over 136,000 holes punched into the surface for air flow to the grass roots


Picture three - Top dressing preparation.   Equal amounts placed at intervals for accurate distribution


Picture four - Over Seeding       Quality fescue seed applied across the complete green prior to spreading


Picture five -  Application of Top Dressing.  Experienced team apply accurate amounts evenly spread


Picture six - Drag mat.   Finally ensuring the seed and top dressing make contact with each other for germination


Thanks to Mike, Dave and Jim and looking forward to helping Prenton Bowling Club in spring 2015  Nigel Carr

 At Lawn and Weed Wirral we like to make a difference to your lawns no matter what they are like, recently we were given an opportunity to help with a lawn that had a serious disease, a grade 3 fairy ring something that other national companies offered no solution to and just carried on treating, our client was initially apprehensive of our solution but can now see the benefits. A photo of what we were presented with to a current photo - a marked difference.


 Lawn and Weed Wirral got a call this summer asking for help with a lawn that was disappearing ! quickly. This is what can happen when you have lawn eating bugs so be aware of the signs - brown dying patches of your lawn - lots of birds feasting that are not just after the worms -  holes in your lawn caused by birds pecking away, turf lifting away without any effort. So far the bugs have been brought under control and the grass is returning - nearly there !!!!!



'What a transformation in two to three weeks to my once weed/moss infested garden after scarifying and treatment carried by Lawn and weed Wirral.  Listening and carrying out advise/suggestions by lawnandweedwirral, this also enhanced the much improved condition of my garden admired by all visitors.  If you are looking for a good garden treatment and a job well done lawnandweedwirral is just the firm for you.  Highly recommended.'
G.U. Billy


How a lawn can look when it is allowed to breathe again once the moss is brought under control

Ian Henderson 1

Ian Henderson

My garden was overrun with moss, I had patches in my grass where no grass had grown.  This is because I have a lot of trees that surround my property that cause the moss and there are shaded areas that simply stop the grass growing.  Also unknown to me I had an infestation of ‘leather jackets’ - these are pests that eat my grass.  Following inspection by Lawn and Weed they advised me how they can provide a treatment that will get rid of my infestation and bring healthy grass to my garden.  That was 2 months ago and my garden is nearly moss free and the grass has started to grow again! A result I thought – thanks and I will see you again in a month.

Belinda Clair – Oxton

IMG-20131218-00129 640x480

Belindas midway 2014-06-05 001 640x480 3



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