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Feeding and treating your lawns need to have specific fertilizers for this time of year so if applying your own make sure you get the correct product and not just a feed that force feeds the leaf, top growth should not be encouraged at this time of year.

Clearing the leaves is a horrible job but needs to be done, try not to leave fallen leaves on your lawn for more than a couple of days as they affect the grass quickly and are slow to decompose. A simple leaf rake is equally as good as a blower it just takes a bit longer.

Worms are very active at this time of year and can make your lawns look very ugly but they can be treated. If you have these casts or mounds of mud try to `brush` them off your lawn when they are dry not wet as it will leave a smear of mud and may well look worse. Earthworms actually do more damage than good so don,t ignore them when they appear on your lawns.

All is not lost as they can be suppressed and kept below the surface with the correct treatment program.

Aerating or spiking your lawn is one of the best things you can do to your lawn, even well kept lawns as it breaks up compaction allowing your lawn to breathe again. Lawn treatments are only half the story as your grass roots need water and airflow to become strong which is exactly what this process allows.

I know its hard work using a fork or driving nails through your trainers and dancing all over your grass at Lawn and Weed Wirral we have professional machines to do this and take all that hard work away.

Be careful though as the weather can be a problem, if very wet don,t do it but try and do it before rain is due as the water will get straight in and if frost is due leave well alone.

  Scarification -       Too late for this year next opportunity is spring 2015                                                         


This time of year climate conditions are ideal for the scourge of moss to develop on your lawn so make sure it is treated with a good moss control and then raked out in the spring. Taking control of it now will keep it in check and protect your lawn to a point but the underlying issues that help it develop also need to be addressed such as shade and drainage.

Moss has no roots and sits on your lawn preventing all the nutrients needed for grass root development from getting to where it need to be - the roots!

Lawn Mower Maintenance   before you push your mower to the back of the shed for winter do a basic check of it ready for spring, check cables and plugs are not damaged or split, blades may need sharpening this is always good practice as sharp blades give a good clean cut, check engine oil levels or even give it an oil change and a good clean down.

Nigel Carr.

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