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Diary for December

 Firstly a big thank you to ALL of my customers for your business throughout 2014, it is very appreciated    Thank you very much.

 Due to the continued mild weather one more cut may be possible but be quick set your mower high and just take a light clipping off before any frost moves in or we get some very wet weather then give the machine a good clean down and park it in the shed until spring.

  Once again these little fellas are causing harm by leaving hundreds of casts across your lawn, try to brush them off when they dry and don,t flatten them as it will create soil patches allowing moss etc to develop. They can be treated and kept a little bit deeper in the ground so if you have a problem with them let us know.

  These creatures are Leather Jackets which are the larvae from Crane Fly or Daddy Long legs the insects that kids pull the legs off !  The eggs that have been laid will have hatched by now and they will start to feed on grass roots so look out for the tell tale signs like brown and dying off grass and numerous birds on your lawn in a feeding frenzy. If you suspect that they may be in your lawn give us a call and we will have a look for you. These insects are very destructive believe me you don,t want them in your lawn.

  Leaves ! Leaves !      Once again if leaves are left on the lawn they will starve the grass from airflow light and water, the grass will dye off quickly and again make it easy for moss etc to move in so get them off the lawn as soon as you can. We can blow them off the lawn for you if you give us a call hopefully most are down now so one final clean up.

  If a lawn gets puddles forming in the same spot after rain the soil will become compacted over the winter so when the area dries out give it a good forking to alleviate any compaction allowing airflow to the roots again. It may require the hollow building up with soil and seeding in the spring.

  Finally if we get any ground frost don,t walk on your lawn as you will damage the grass sward leaving it open to disease so wait until it has thawed out, after snow has melted it is vital to get the airflow going again to resist disease so once the ground has dried out enough spiking the ground will help enormously, if the lawn has been spiked earlier in the year then it will be in a better condition to recover.


  Wishing you and your families a great xmas and a happy new year.  Nigel Carr





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