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                    Wishing all our customers a very happy new year and all the best for 2015


Although January is usually wet cold and windy there are some things you can do to give your lawns a head start in spring as long as the weather permits however if the weather turns cold then you could always do those jobs that keep getting put off ! Like painting the fence and jet washing the decking.

Snow and Frost      We have been lucky so far and have had very little frost or snow with the climate still being mild for the time of year, however there is still time especially on the higher ground so if or when we get the big freeze try to keep off your lawns as walking on frozen turf will damage the grass sward leaving it weak and open to disease and less healthy going into spring. Once the snow and ice has thawed have a look over the lawn and remove any fallen debris that may have been trapped under the snow before it has time to kill off the grass.

Puddles         Through periods of heavy rain or melted snow low lying areas may suffer from puddles forming on a lawn for long periods which will damage the areas affected unless the water is removed so use a garden fork to spike the area to help the water soak through the soil, this will also allow airflow down to the grass roots. If water remains on an area it will compact the soil removing all the tiny spaces between the earth which then prevent the grass roots developing as there are no gaps to grow into. 

Moss & Thatch      Without doubt one of the worst conditions to control in the uk partly due to our climate which is perfect for moss spores to grow and along with shade and poor ground conditions all combine to aid moss growth. If you look across your lawn and can see light green patches it is likely to be moss and depending on how much there is will depend on the course of action required, usually deep scarification. Moss has no roots and does not decompose easily so should be removed after it has been treated or it will suffocate the grass. Have a walk on your lawn and see if you leave footprints if you do then it is highly likely that you have too much moss & thatch (dead matter) in your lawn. Our winter treatment controls moss and stimulates the grass so you will see some areas turning brown or black that will need removing at the correct time of year - spring.


If anyone would like advice or have any questions just give us a call anytime.


    Nigel Carr

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