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Welcome to our lawn care diary for March 2015


 March has started very mild and temperatures are slowly on the climb so now is the time to start looking at your lawns if you haven,t already done so. Be warned though winter isn,t over just yet so be careful of what jobs you get stuck into.


Not to do just yet - over seed any bare patches, day temperatures may be alright but we can still have frost over night which will prevent germination.


Morning frost - don,t mow and keep off your lawns until the frost thaws.


Things that can be done - remove any debris off the lawn such as leaves, rotten fruit etc if not removed the recovery will be slower


Run the lawn mower over your lawn an a high setting just to take the top off and tidy up


Start to look at applying fertilizer to give your lawn a wake up call, or better still give Lawn and Weed Wirral a call for a free no obligation survey.


Turfing - if you have a new lawn to lay or want to do some repairs with new turf then now is a good time, choose quality turf and don,t skimp, pick it up and if it is good it should not tear and prepare the ground carefully.


Things that MUST be done - If a moss control has been applied correctly you will have patches of brown dead moss this needs to be removed so the lawn can breathe again rake it out yourselves or give us a call and we will be able to mechanically remove it - March through to April are best for this to aid recovery but be warned it is brutal and can make your lawn look very bare. In most cases there will be bare patches that will need re seeding and a dressing applied



This was pulled from a lawn recently -  all moss no grass a gardeners nightmare! The best treatment for this is to identify and eradicate the cause then deep scarification Take a look on our youtube click the link below 





Not a great help in your lawn as they operate near the surface and make more of a mess than benefit, worm casts need brushing off when hard or better still use a worm suppressant to drive them deeper under ground, they also attract moles as they are a main food source for these destructive pests.




So the grass is waking up as spring is just about here, start to mow your lawns on a high setting and gradually lower the blade and if you don,t use LWW for your lawn care select your fertilizer and weed killers carefully as we see a lot of lawns destroyed by applying the wrong treatment at the wrong time'


We will answer any questions you have if we can - just give us a call.


Nigel Carr

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