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  September 2015 - Important things to look out for on your lawns !!!!!!!

Firstly sorry for not giving out any tips for a while but i felt this news is important so please look out  for....... Cranefly and their larvae - Leatherjackets

This is what they look like            

  Holes from birds pecking at insects 

Dead areas appear as the insects eat the grass roots          

 Another problem that we see a lot of this time of year is -

Worm casts cause a lot of damage to lawns at this time of the year with very little benefit to your lawn, if you have a lot of casts on your lawn then let them dry and brush them away with a stiff bristle brush and try not to flatten them when wet as they will create dead areas of grass.

Or you can give us a call and we can treat the area with a worm suppressant to send the worms deeper into the soil which will greatly reduce the destruction caused by this problem - just give us a call.

Nigel Carr  07786198239


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