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 What type of treatment does my lawn need and how much does it cost?
When we survey your lawns we also prepare a lawn care treatment program for you. In this we can recommend treatments that will ensure your lawn has the appropriate nutrients it requires throughout the year. We will also help you decide what level of essential lawn care you require, and price the best possible plan to your budget.

If you'd like us to chat to you about additional lawn maintenance such as scarifying, aeration, spiking, top dressing and seeding just let us know, but we can often advise you about this during the survey.

Our 4 Seasonal Lawn Treatments



spring.fwLate Winter Early Spring Lawn Care Treatment.

This can be the most important time of the year. There is plenty of moisture about and the ground is starting to warm – the grass plant responds by growing vigorously and requires the right amount and mix of nutrients to encourage the grass to take advantage of the growing conditions and enable it to grow and develop including:


  • Application of Specialist Fertiliser
  • Professional Feed for Healthy Growth
  • Treatment & Removal of Moss & Weeds

The long term Development of a Greener, Healthier Lawn if the grass is short of food it will not grow healthily. Weak grass allows moss and weeds to develop. Our Spring lawn care program is designed to apply an application of the correct amount of specialist fertiliser to ensure the lawn has sufficient appropriate nutrients to supply the grass plants with the food to sustain vigorous grass growth throughout this important time of the year. Healthy rapid grass growth will limit weed, moss and annual meadow (couch) grass development.

We also apply an efficient liquid systemic broad spectrum liquid herbicide to control common weeds such as dandelions, butter cups, daisies, plantains and start to control clover etc.


Esummer.fwarly Summer Lawn Care Service

Application of slow controlled release no scorch fertiliser to encourage thick healthy growth in the grass. We change the balance of the nutrients in this feed increasing phosphorous and potassium and decreasing the nitrogen content as the demands of the grass plant change.

There is sufficient nutrient in the fertiliser to nourish the grass for up to 10 – 13 weeks. Our fertilisers are slow controlled release and do not have to be watered in. However if the lawn is dry watering in will produce quicker results.

A summer application of a broad spectrum systemic liquid herbicide is used to control both common and some of the more difficult weeds such as speedwell, trefoils and clover.





Late Summer Early Autumn Lawn Care Treatment.

The warm weather combined with damp conditions can make this time of year ideal for lawn diseases to attack the grass. Each time we treat your lawn we check for diseases.

The late Summer early Autumn is the key time to start applying moss control to kill the moss in the lawn. Moss is the biggest problem faced by the majority of lawns particularly those lawns on clay soils.

We apply another application of our broad spectrum liquid herbicide to control any new weed growth, plus a low nitrogen high potassium and phosphorous fertiliser for root development combined with an initial application of moss control.




winter.fwAutumn Winter Lawn Care Treatment

An application of feed containing essential trace elements combined with a very heavy dose of moss control. It is vital that moss which is the biggest problem facing lawns is controlled and not allowed to develop in your lawn.

Heavy moss will be controlled by our moss treatment but as the dead moss plant does not decompose easily the lawn may require scarifying to remove the dead moss and thatch from the lawn to create space to allow grass growth to regenerate.

Over seeding with grass seed may also be required depending on the amount of moss in your lawn At this visit we also check for any insect damage or traces of lawn / turf disease.

Scarifying. Thatch removal, Hollow tine aeration. Wetting Agents and Growth Regulators. Spiking. Top Dressing. Over Seeding. Insect and Disease Control, Repairing, Leveling lawns and Improving Drainage. Worm Cast Control.

From time to time it is recommended that your lawn would benefit from certain other key treatments. We provide you with a regular update on your lawn and only recommend other treatments if they are necessary and essential to the health and appearance of the lawn.

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Lawn analysis

Once you contact us we will agree a convenient time to meet you and survey your lawn (if you are busy you do not have to be at home as we can survey the lawn and leave our survey and recommendations at your property.) One of our experienced staff will visit your lawn and carry out the following analysis:

Visual inspection to assess:

  • Weed population - identifying common and difficult weeds
  • Assess the amount of moss present over the whole lawn
  • Identify the conditions in your garden that encourage moss
  • Identify grass condition and health
  • Check for evidence of insect damage
  • Take core samples to check for: Soil composition,
  • Sub surface level thatch,
  • Surface level thatch
  • Disease analysis
  • Mowing routine and mowing height



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