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Lawn and Weed Care Wirral Lawn RenovationCheaper than Re-turfing to get your Lawn Looking Green and Healthy.

Lawn Renovation is a more cost effective way of returning your lawn back to the lush green lawn you intended to have and will save you ££££'s over turfing. This method will not give you the instant result you get from a newly turfed lawn, what we do however is re-invigorate and improve your existing lawn.

If your lawn has lots of bare patches and weeds and moss have taken hold of at least 25% of your lawn then renovation is the most cost effective way for you to have a great lawn. If your lawn has up to 50% weed and moss infestation and the soil is very compact then you may need to think of starting over and have a new lawn laid either from seed or turf.

Call Lawn and Weed Care Wirral first and we will advise you during or FREE lawn analysis on the condition of your lawn and the best option for you to get your lawn back to health.

The Lawn Renovation is a several step process that we will carry out to turn your lawn into the healthy lawn you have always wanted. It usually takes 6 - 10 weeks before you start to see the result. However this is dependent on the time of year as during the dryer times you will need to keep the seed moist until germination and the grass begins to cover the lawn.

Lawn Renovation Steps.

1. Treat any weeds and moss present. This will take up to 14 days.

2. Cut the grass as short as possible.

3. Aerate the lawn

4. Scarify the lawn to remove any thatch and moss, This will also break up the soil surface to aid in the re-seeding process.

5. Apply a top quality fertiliser

6. Overseed with a quality grass seed suited for your garden area.

7. Apply a high quality top dressing to finish off.

As we stated before this is not a quick process it will take time and is dependent on the weather, time of year and that there is enough moisture for the seed to germinate. Some seed may take longer than others. But you Will have a great looking lawn at the end at a fraction of the cost of a brand new turfed lawn.

After your lawn has returned to health by taking advantage of our Annual Treatment Program you will continue to have a Green Healthy Lawn.


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Lawn analysis

Once you contact us we will agree a convenient time to meet you and survey your lawn (if you are busy you do not have to be at home as we can survey the lawn and leave our survey and recommendations at your property.) One of our experienced staff will visit your lawn and carry out the following analysis:

Visual inspection to assess:

  • Weed population - identifying common and difficult weeds
  • Assess the amount of moss present over the whole lawn
  • Identify the conditions in your garden that encourage moss
  • Identify grass condition and health
  • Check for evidence of insect damage
  • Take core samples to check for: Soil composition,
  • Sub surface level thatch,
  • Surface level thatch
  • Disease analysis
  • Mowing routine and mowing height



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