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What do mean by Weed Control and How will it benefit your Lawn?

Weeds are quick to colonise any space in your lawn and quickly become a nuisance spoiling the appearance of any lawn. Off the Shelf Weed Killers do a job of combating weeds but unless the conditions for weed colonisation and growth are treated they will be back!

Cheaper Than "DIY" off the shelf Weed killers.

Our Weed Killing Service doesn't just treat the weed growth but also tackles the conditions which promote that growth, and as experts in our field we can devise a weed control plan that goes on working where other treatments fail, saving you the endless cost of off the self applications.

Many of these weeds are deep rooted and removal by hand is not only hard work but not always effective. As the whole plant must be removed to be sure of none return.

Common weeds such as daisies, buttercup, dandelions, plantains etc are usually controlled after one application. Certain weeds such as yarrow, field wood rush, speedwells clovers and celandine require more than one application. Weeds will normally die off 14 - 21 days after treatment after this time they will start to decompose completely. If there are still weeds present from when we originally sprayed them we are more than willing to give them a second application. However repeated applications will control new weed plants from seeds carried by birds, the wind and laying those dormant in the soil.

The herbicides and products we use are safe for wild life, pets and children. When sprayed correctly and by an NPTC qualified sprayer. Lawn and Weed Care Wirral experienced and knowledgeable staff are fully qualified to spray pesticides you are more than welcome to check our License just ask.

You can usually use the lawn 2 hours after we have treated it.

As well as the most common weeds we can also treat Brambles and nettles. If left Brambles can get out of control. We can bring the brambles under control in just a few treatments, they are quite woody and may need cutting to clear after treatment. Nettles will decompose after treatment.

We can also treat the following difficult to remove weeds:- Ragwort, Mares Tail (Horsetail), Baby's Tears


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Lawn analysis

Once you contact us we will agree a convenient time to meet you and survey your lawn (if you are busy you do not have to be at home as we can survey the lawn and leave our survey and recommendations at your property.) One of our experienced staff will visit your lawn and carry out the following analysis:

Visual inspection to assess:

  • Weed population - identifying common and difficult weeds
  • Assess the amount of moss present over the whole lawn
  • Identify the conditions in your garden that encourage moss
  • Identify grass condition and health
  • Check for evidence of insect damage
  • Take core samples to check for: Soil composition,
  • Sub surface level thatch,
  • Surface level thatch
  • Disease analysis
  • Mowing routine and mowing height



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